Monday, July 25, 2011

MODIFICATION NEW HONDA TIGER 2000 - Win's modifiers motorcycle Paddock Siswo Winoto from Purwokerto, Central Java, which is consistent in his homage to the European streetfighter. Modifications are applied to the 1997 Honda Tiger is owned by Great Wicaksono also showed the development of creation with exotic nuances of blink-blink-style alias Negro style. In accordance with the theme blink-blink, Wiwin-greeting-Winoto familiar claim that color choice would be decisive. Here he further pursued his impression of an elegant and photogenic, is not just pleasing to the eye. She also made her look grim, the view that characterizes the streetfighter.

"Here accidentally find sharp colors. Like orange combined with the white, this rehearsal and make the motor look pretty," said the builder. Amazingly, it was just a normal paint color and the idea of the Court. According Wiwin, paint wear Orange and Polired Lesonal Sikkens.

Back to flow streetfighter, for the body, Wiwin not work alone. He was assisted from the XK Bike Agus DJ Design, who is also the origin of Purwokerto. Help was started from the body until the legs. Although assisted Agus, Wiwin need to adjust it to re-seat every body, ranging from tanks to the rear tail. Agus addition, the role of the Great also not insignificant. He has taken part in the selection of abortive conference of the body, including the choice of colors.

Not only that, the application of hydraulic clutch is also a great work. Components, he said, using the motor brake master who then connected with the brake hose, but with the work as usual clutch. "However, it is more powerful and smooth. So, I am satisfied this outcome," Great promotions, Tengiel Speed garage owner.

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