Friday, July 22, 2011

Modifikasi Suzuki Spin 125 Low Rider Full Airbrush

Although the machine does not become synonymous with precision thereafter as shown. Well, part of Stan who actually attacked by a visitor occupied, Suzuki. Its article on the main stage engine manufacturers have e tha Co Ltd from the engine, Suzuki, as a symbol of Thailand showed that 2 scooter concept nuanced point. His name SD-01 (black) and SD-02 (white).

Quite interesting is the elegant Handlebar V plan is carried out by him. When the scooter-scooter's handlebars are generally maintain a closed lid, in two primary schools with the concepts created with minimalist precision. Might follow the trend lately. Not being in some significant way without the right side of the indicator panel.

Suzuki Spin 125 Low Rider device and engine rotation speed readers continue to be available, but its dimensions made ​​as small as possible on a scale that is placed in the average deal. Handlebar show continues to be a minimalist applied, but the results are more exotic.

His pregnant futuristic and aerodynamic with a line of companies everywhere the body was quite hypnotic eyes. All kitchen gear to bring the two machines have a small capacity, the 125 DC is apparently based on the Hayate 125. This includes only the external machine (CVT and magnetic) contained repeated with a more futuristic and elegant concept. Between the cover of the engine and the wheel's shock absorber written together.

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