Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2006

Listen Halal Factory name of course would not foreign menggawanginya deh by whom. Yup, doi Halal is the Dodo, one of hypercrea Semarang who had triumphed so its king orbital wheel. Not tired of creating, is now also released one mascot doi gressnya extreme. Tangible sports, extreme-legged 'n watch matic.

"It was counted as refreshing 'n try to hone skills sharper longer," said resident Mugas XII no.9/11 In Semarang. Aura of glory was still visible in this mascot. Spirit remains wildly different as well be on his time frame Mio overhauled. Only the main tube are maintained and composed more extreme rakenya slope angle, while the sub frame already constructed a total re-armed with three-fourths of gas pipe dim.

Then CVT sets include a total engine mounted backwards. Special anymore, do not use the ring circumference stern 14-inch legs like mascot modif matic low rider. This time selingkar racing 17 inch alloy wheels stuck with my marriage successful extra wide-profile rubber tires 190/50-17.

"The installation is not easy coz I have to adjust to the diameter of the tire anyarnya, the technique with CVT-sectional cut off and then I extend 5 cm with aluminum block connections that I diral welding, auto fun I also have to replace the belt is longer adjust the position of anyarnya" said Dodo.

No less extreme, the front was also guarded circumference orbital rim wheel tire, construction still relies Orbi grip wheel with multi-bearing as a launcher ring flanked by a pair of 5 mm connecting as fork. Turn body design, full black street fighter styles are made of carbon fiber material that gives a chance a sharp angle with the support of the application cover slips sporty Satria FU.

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