Monday, November 28, 2011

Modifikasi Honda Blade Lawas

Hello bro it all: D, Of the many images on the hard drive modifications Blade firecrackers C, elected one of the best in my opinion ... I wonder who ngebuat modifications above, really pretty,,, Racy, sporty, creative, elegant, and most importantly ... Obviously derivative mogenya really, there's still light and turn signal, this signal can diajakin ngaspal daily, Footstep racing and has a protective fairing bottom, and larger tires ... good omen diajakin cornering.

Racy ergonomics increasingly negasin if Blade is motor racing, double disc brakes and rear disc also pointed out there, woww,,,, back pake Mono Arm, looks like a "motor of Europe" an so ... in front of the existing deck kayak "deltabox" like a Touring, single seat, and tail are nungging, steady dahh,,, let alone already changes like this wing "fairing": roll:

It may be more suitable if the headlamps tetep "stupid": lol: but the kind of model CBR600RR and applications under the fender, And you know my bro dapet blade above picture is from where?? From the Forum Filipinos! fitting the streets again ... turns out modifier of Indonesia is very well known there,,, hm,,, steady lahh,,, according bro how??

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