Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Modifikasi Honda Absolute Revo

Theme modification of the stretcher on honda absolute revo is owned Kirmanto Revolver Red Monster. Um rada dizziness also kana name british english. Honda absolute revo was made in 2009. Only that in doing Kirmanto on honda absolute revo 2009, what purpose dart red monster modification these revolvers penjelesanya us refer to the following.
Honda Absolute Revo monster red revolver

Revo face red color is changed drastically. Anto familiar call this monster bike called Red Revolver.Ubahan done Anto not just playing on the display, but also functional. "It seems much has changed. No more Underbone impression on this Revo. So far the journey will feel more comfortable, "explained the former head of Tangerang Revo Club (TREC) is.
Honda Absolute Revo monster red revolver

Change the display process performed by the help of friends seklub, Anjas. This modifier retains Underbone order. There was no change. It's just adding a center Anto congenital Tiger bone is welded directly right at the top of the chassis Underbone. "Center for the holder tank Tiger bone," said Anto, the owner of this registration number 001.
Still on the front, he changed the front tomorrow with the adoption rooster model of the Honda GL-Pro. "Komstir original will be retained, but the lower triangular instead oakai already belong GL-Pro, as tailor-made komstir komstir original hole and hole triangles komstir take GL-Pro. For the upper triangular punyaan variation, "said Anto.

Expand Capacity
Revo engine condition deleted, or edited to compensate for the weight of the motor that has been increased. Standard valve replaced with a Honda Sonic belongs dikecilin umbrella so 27mm to 22mm in and out. While the possessive pronoun aftermarket piston with a diameter of 56mm.

"I do not know how much capacity right now. In the space fuel setup also re-adjust the diameter of the piston which has also been follow-up swell, "he described.

To supply fuel, Anto also apply carburetor Yamaha's RX-King. Little change but the means on this machine quite able to offset the weight of Monster Red Revolver when I have traveled hundreds of kilometers.

Front tire: 110/70-17 Unilla
Rear tire: Swallow 130/70-17
Chain: Mega Pro
Arm swing: Aprilia 125
Monosok: Honda 120

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