Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Modif Scorpio Concept Suzuki GSX

Here is a review of the modification of a modification yamaha Z is very similar to Suzuki GSX, All the way from North Sumatra, Bendry send Yamaha Scorpio Z for modified. The choice fell on Dave Motor Concept workshop recently moved into Rangkepan Jaya, Depok, West Java.
Similar Yamah Modification Concept Suzuki GSX Scorpio

Of Bendry have a special reason. "Because the modified Motor Concept Dave had a special feature, the motor dimension so slim and fit daily use," said Bendry who lives in Duri, Riau it.

Relying on the body design Suzuki GSX-R750, 2009, the entire body of the standard Yamaha Scorpio Z uninstalled. "Frame is left only the front of the binding machine. Sub frame also has changed completely, "explains Wanto, builder Dave Motor Concept.
Similar Yamah Modification Concept Suzuki GSX Scorpio

Although the basic use Yamaha, but deliberately choose Bendry body concept from Suzuki. "Pull the line in the body implies a dynamic sport and made the headlights a futuristic model," continued Bendry reasoned.
Body formation process takes slightly longer, the article Dave Motorcycle Concept is a specialist rely on an iron plate. "It took two months for this process to be used made by riding," honest Wanto original Tegal wong it.
Similar Yamah Modification Concept Suzuki GSX Scorpio

This is because the area of ​​the body include the fairing, tank and bending of the central part of the full details. Need more meticulous craftsmanship to create grooves ngemalnya body right and left alike. Fortunately Wanto already trained and skilled metal plate buckling about science.

Rear body made similar model GSX-R750, the details are made tapered and slightly flattened. For single seat upholstery rely sitter. "Request from the owner for his own use. So baseball needs boncenger seat, "explained Wanto.

Let the front of the fairing similar to GSX, head lamp rely copotan new Suzuki Satria FU. "Design and the model is similar to the GSX-R750, 2009," explains builder of this slender.

While the curve of the front fairing made a little bit different to have a GSX. No not equipped airscoop hole on the right and left side head lamp. To pursue the front fairing is not made wide, the dimensions would not fairing too gambot.Pemilihan color certainly greatly affect the performance of the modifications made by this outcome. Elegant style deliberately chosen to rely on white color. The more fit after Silverstone color that blends with the body mounted on the center.

For the legs right choice fell on a gold curtain that covered both the rim. Gold color is also aligned with the detail upside down front that still rely on the product variations.

"I want to wear baseball striping. Fearing the future even too crowded," lid Wanto originally based in Sawangan, Depok, West Java.

Front tire: 90/70-17 FDR
Rear tire: 120/70-17 FDR
Exhaust: Custom G2C
Rear rim: Variations 4.5 x17

source: motorplus.otomotifnet.com

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