Monday, December 5, 2011

Modifikasi Honda BeAT/Icon dengan livery Bendera Negara Dunia !!

Hello bro it all: D, this time the fireworks will discuss modifications nih, again sourced from Thai Honda, Thai Honda mulu why? honestly, yes,,, compared to Yamaha Suzuki ama Thai, Thai Honda References from more easily, so the easiest yes it is mejeng, hehe, this time cool you know, liveri world country flags, rata2 from Europe ...

Again, suitable deh want to be a material modification if, to the builders experienced sticker for example, staying in print potonya, trus tunjukin deh to the builders sticker "mas, bikinin like this", if indeed a great and advanced, would result tuh cool: mrgreen: okeh, so wrote,,, hope useful ...

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