Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photo Modifikasi Motor Oktober 2012

Below are some photos of the motor modifications that may be useful to provide a reference for those of you who like to modify the motor. The theme is taken to be bermacam2 motor modification depending on the needs. There are photos daily to an extreme modification by changing the entire chassis of the motor to look like a motor with a new face. As with any modifications to the car, hal2 to consider if the motor is kept you can use is to not change the engine number and chassis number already listed. Another case if the modifications are going to do is as a medium to shed all ideas kretatif to the motor that had you have. Photo motor modifications will be equipped with several video modif component assembly means that you can reference the complete

Trends in motorcycle modifications indeed move very quickly. If previously we know the motor flat, but at this kind of retro motors are also increasingly in demand. Moreover, coupled with the number of automatic motor makes the modifier increasingly encouraged to pour creative ideas. There is a play with paint, engine to chassis to support the conversion of some new form desired. Ok, please enjoy some pictures modification motorcycles through photographic images presented below:

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